Friday, October 23, 2015

Rubbermoon Moonmail Club ATC Swap - September 2015

Well, I think it's about time to blow the dust off of this blog and put it back into action!  At least I hope to do that!

After a long hiatus I decided to participate in the most recent Rubbermoon Moonmail ATC swap.  If you're not familiar with Rubbermoon you should definitely check them out here.  And if you're not familiar with the Moonmail club you should check it out here!  Tons of fun every month!  Kristen recently began offering Claudia Rose rubber stamps!  For those who have been around rubber stamping for a while you'll remember all of those super cute little images that Claudia Rose was known for!  Well now you can order them from Rubbermoon!

For September we received this fantastic Claudia Rose rubber stamp in our Moonmail package along with several other goodies!  You really should consider joining the Moonmail club!  I love getting my package every month!

I received this lovely ATC from the very talented and funny Lydia!  She gets some serious props for fussy-cutting that moon sliver! She also sent the cute little mini envelope filled with die cut leopard-patterned wings!  Lydia keeps us all in stitches in the special Facebook group for members of the MoonMail club! 

The ATC below, which I created using Claudia's stamp, went to Carissa.  The cute little car and the sentiment are also Rubbermoon images from the very talented Barb Rogers.

I also sent Carissa some Day of the Dead faux postage made with Kristen's new Milagros stamp collection however I neglected to take a photo of those before I put them in the envelope!

Kristen isn't just the owner of Rubbermoon she's also one of the very talented artists who create Rubbermoon rubber stamp images!  I think I've ordered almost the entire Milagros collection.  I hope to have a good play day with them in the near future!  So if you haven't already done so head on over to Rubbermoon to see what it's all about.  While you're there take a look at the Rubbemoon blog too!


  1. I am so honored that you decided to 'come back' and do such a wonderful post about RubberMoon!! That is quite a compliment!! So exciting to see all of the art made with the SOM:)
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Good to see you posting again! I've missed reading your blog. Love both of the ATC's.