Wednesday, April 30, 2014

12 Tags of 2014 - April

Hello everyone in blogland!  Quickie post here to get my April tag up and linked to Tim's page.  I just finished it!  I changed up the colors a bit.  The tattered pinecone die and I don't get along very well as you can see by the state of my "roses"!  I'll have to practice that some more.   I also discovered that the little trellis framework pieces aren't identical so they're not that easily interchangeable.  Something to keep in mind when I use the die the next time!  I pulled the die cuts all apart and put them in a pile not realizing this!

So here's my tag...

And the best thing about waiting until the last day of the month to post the tag?!  I only have to wait one day to see the tag for May!!!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!