Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MoonMail has landed!

I've previously shared the RubberMoon MoonMail ATC swap cards here so I thought I'd share with you this month's MoonMail package that I received in the mail from RubberMoon Art Stamps.  The RubberMoon MoonMail Club is monthly subscription club where you'll receive an exclusive rubber stamp designed by Kristen Powers, the owner of RubberMoon, along with other random goodies that Kristen includes in the package.  The stamp club also includes access to an exclusive Facebook group, exclusive club videos and we also now have a club blog!

This is the fifth month of my MoonMail Club subscription and I can tell you that I have never been disappointed!  If anything I'm more excited each month to see what that envelope will contain!  And if you participate in the monthly ATC swap then you'll get to receive another surprise envelope with an original ATC from a secret swap partner!

So let me share with you the package that I received this month...

 So here is my packet of goodies!  The art work on the note is original artwork by Kristen.  She always uses the stamp of the month so you have an example of how to use the stamp image.  The secret videos also share ways to use the stamp image as well as art techniques!

Here you can see the contents of the package!  Kristen always includes such a sweet note!  This month we received some really cool extras!

Kristen has teamed up with Gina Hubbard of Gina's Designs to create some unique and fun products that Kristen will soon be carrying in the RubberMoon store.  So included in our package was one of Gina's really cool laser cut chipboard art dolls!  The chipboard is super firm so it will stand up to whatever paint or ink I can pile on it!  I can't wait to see what I can create with this art doll!  And I'm really looking forward to seeing the great designs that I know will come out of their collaboration!

Also included in our package were these one inch squares from Lisa Lee of Inchie ArtsInchie Arts produces precision cut art squares for small art!  These art squares are cut from pristine white mat board and are the perfect surface for your favorite medium.  You can stamp them, watercolor them, Zentangle them and whatever else you can think of!  Lisa is a genius at creating inchie squares!  Make sure you visit their blog, All In an Inch, and their Facebook page where Lisa shares all of her art!  I can tell these little squares are going to be seriously addictive!!  I'll be sharing in a future blog post what I make with these little beauties!

And last, but not least, the stamp of the month!  This month's stamp is an awesome and versatile pair of wings!   You have the option of choosing wood mount or cling mount.  A wood mount subscription is $15 a month and a cling mount subscription is $10 a month.  That price includes shipping!  I took this photo at an angle so that you can see the thick cushion underneath the stamp and also how precisely it is trimmed!  The cling mount stamp is sent on a glossy card that you can use for storing the stamp on. 

But there's one other perk that tops everything you've seen so far and that's being part of a group of some of the most wonderful and talented ladies that I've ever known!  They crack me up daily with their Facebook repartee and they amaze me with their talent and generosity in our monthly club ATC swap and with the other artwork they share!  For that I am truly grateful!  I'd pay to be part of this group even WITHOUT the monthly stamp!!

So I hope that you'll visit RubberMoon Art Stamps and sign up for the MoonMail Stamp Club!  We'd LOVE to have you join us!  Do it, it's great fun!


  1. OMG your post practically made me cry! I mean it! I am so honored and excited to have had all of you join me for this creative adventure!! It is simply theee best group ever. Love y'all to the Moon and Back!! xokp

  2. Such a lovely package of goodies! I look forward to seeing what you create now. Anne x

  3. Moon mail is the bestest! The stamps are the coolest inspiration for anyone! And...the Moon mail gang are kinda kool, too.