Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RubberMoon Moonmail Club ATC Swap

I have always been a big fan of RubberMoon Stamps.  I have collected quite a few images over the years so I was thrilled to find out that the stamp company had recently been purchased by Kristen Powers (aka KaePea).  KaePea has created a brand new website and blog and also started a monthly stamp subscription program called Moonmail Club.  Each month we receive an exclusive stamp created by one of the RubberMoon artists.  There is also an exclusive Facebook group, private video tutorials and lots of extra goodies!

To celebrate the very first Moonmail stamp and the creation of the club we held an ATC swap.  Each person who participated received the mailing address of another participant so you only knew who you were sending an ATC to but didn't know where your's would be coming from!  My ATC came from Janet in Oklahoma and I just love it!  Since I live in Florida I think snow is magical!  And this year I really wished I could go somewhere to see some.  Albeit from inside of a nice warm house...but I would have loved it!  Here's the ATC I received from Janet...

She even went so far as to stamp the houses along the envelope border and lined it with a white pen to continue the snow theme and she sent it along with the cute handmade owl card!  Thanks Janet!  I love it all!!

My ATC went to Ceci in Washington state so it literally traveled from one corner of the United States to the other!  Ceci was very happy with it so I was glad.  Here's what I sent out...


It's my first ATC swap and I was very excited so I had a difficult time squashing all of the stamps I wanted to use into such a small space! You can see that I didn't do very well because my ATC is a book format. That's the only way I could fit everything in!!! I used watercolor pencils and a waterbrush to do the coloring.  And I discovered that I LOVE using watercolor pencils!
One swap participant lives in Australia so we still haven't seen all of the swap ATCs yet.  I had so much fun and I hope that we can have future swaps!  Make sure you visit RubberMoon and take a look at all of the great images they have!  They're such fun stamps!!


  1. Love your ATC that you recieved and I love your ATC book that you made!

  2. I loved the sentiment on your ATC. Did you write it yourself?

    1. Sharon, Thanks for stopping by my blog. All of the images on my ATC came from RubberMoon.

  3. Love the tiny houses...so darn cute! What a fun swap...glad you tried one!